27 февр. 2011 г.

25 февр. 2011 г.

Cats & Birds

What is the probability of a photoblog resorting to posting pictures of cats? Today it is definitely 100%. Assuming that when most of you see the pics it will be CATurday already, this is not just a coincidence. =)

23 февр. 2011 г.

Fall & Winter

Ok, enough with the summer for now. Have a look at some fall and winter shots. The first two pics feature the beauty of Russian nature. The third one shows Austrian mountains. Have fun.

21 февр. 2011 г.

Summer Sky

And again some more summer shots. But unlike in two prevoius posts, they all have been taken in Russia. You won't find the sea on them, but plenty of peerless summer sky with light clouds is a fair trade, I assume.

13 февр. 2011 г.

The Biosphere and You

Ever since people appeared on the Earth the knowledge about the environment has been the most vital information. Nowadays, that human beings have populated almost every piece of land, the understanding of how exactly our planet “works” is the key to maintaining it inhabitable. All the inhabited places on the Earth make up the biosphere. The word “biosphere” is a combination of the Greek words “βιος” — life and “σφαρα” — sphere. So it can be translated as “the sphere of life”.

Hello World!

I heard blogging was fun, so I decided to start one. Forgive my English - I'm not a native speaker, but have a strong desire to improve my skills. That's why I'm writing in English.

I haven't decided on what I will write about so I'll just start with posting some of my compositions for English lessons. Hope they aren't very bad.